Small-Sized Business


Customer’s initial question

 “We only have a couple of computers, are we too small to use F5?”

Our Response

 “Absolutely not! F5 exists to help develop and support IT for businesses just like yours…”

Client Details

Number of Employees 5
Number of Computers 3
Server None
Network Basic Wifi Only

Initial Enquiry

The customer came to us because they were struggling both with how to store and access their data across all PCs, and they were experiencing slow speed when printing and using other services.


We visited their premises to perform an initial assessment and chat through the options.

The PCs were all connecting using wifi through a BT hub which was limiting their network speed and limiting the range due to its location. Files were spread across the PCs although mostly stored on one of them, which the other users struggled to access.


The solution we agreed with the customer was to install a physical network with wall sockets at each of the desk positions, running back to a new wall mounted cabinet containing a patch panel for the new sockets and a gigabit network switch to link them all together. In addition we installed a new powerful wireless access point in a central location, again cabled back to the cabinet, providing strong wifi across their whole premises for other devices such as phones and tablets.

To store the data we installed a NAS (Network Attached Storage) box in the cabinet and created a shared area that could be accessed from all PCs. All data was moved to the NAS and backups were set up to protect it. The NAS has the added benefit of dual mirrored drives, meaning if one fails the company can continue working and data isn’t lost while a replacement drive is arranged.

The company also requested an additional PC which we were happy to provide and install at the same time, at a very competitive price.


The result is a network running 10 times faster than before, with files instantly accessible to those that need them, stored in one place with backups and the ability to control who has access to which files as needed.

Ongoing Support

As the customer only needs support very occasionally now that they have a good setup, the best solution for them was simply to use us on an ad-hoc basis. Our remote support software was installed on each of their PCs so that we can hop on to resolve issues when they call.