IT Support


The backbone of the service we provide allowing you to concentrate on the core function of your business while we take care of the IT

Our role is to be your virtual IT department, looking after all IT-related issues including:

  • Server Management including health, patching and troubleshooting.

  • Computer configuration, problem solving and optimisation.

  • Software installation.

  • Email system setup and management.

  • Network setup and support.

  • Portable device setup including Apple and Android equipment.

Total Support


For a fixed monthly fee we provide full support for all of your organisations’ server, desktop, laptop and mobile devices, ensuring that your entire IT infrastructure performs at its best.

This includes ongoing behind-the-scenes maintenance and monitoring of your server infrastructure to minimise problems, maximise performance and keep things running as they should.

Some of things we deal with to achieve this include:-

  • Operating system updates
  • Security patches
  • Driver issues and updates
  • Backup management
  • Anti-Virus Management
  • Email System Management
  • Labour to resolve any server hardware failures
  • Problems can be logged over the phone, via email, or electronically using our support application

All included in one low monthly fee.