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ESET Version 7


ESET Version 7

ESET Anti-Virus / Internet Security version 7 has been released and available to download worldwide. Relax if you are already one of our clients, we will be updating your servers and clients to the very latest version to take advantage of these new security features.

Let’s take a look below to see some of the highlights of this release and the new features.

  • Ransomware Shield

This is an extension of the already present HIPS system (Host-Based Intrusion System) This extension analyses running processes and checks file-system activity.  This runs silently in the background and is especially effective against file-less infections. Ransomware Shield monitors the behaviour of applications and processes that try to modify your personal data. If the shield notices behaviour it considers malicious or from reputation-based scanning the application is blocked and will require an admin to unlock.

  • System-wide process exclusions

This process is designed to increase performance, improve backup speed and minimize interference with the backup process. All file operations that can be attributed to it will be ignored and considered safe.  This can also speed up the process of installing the latest Windows updates as these folders and files can be excluded from the active scanning. This process will almost double the speed of installing updates and also backing up files.

  • UEFI Scanner

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) Scanner has the ability to scan the hidden partition on-board flash chip for suspicious data or anomalies. ESET Anti-Virus checks these boot areas during system start-up and end users can also check the UEFI partition by using the On-Demand scan by selecting the appropriate target.   This is especially important as it allows ESET to check for the presence of a Root-kit which can compromise the on-board chip and then hide itself from the operating system as it is present before the operating system boots.

  • Automatic and Option for smaller product module updates

The new version of ESET has the ability to update individual modules such as Internet banking protection, Anti-spam protection, Anti-phishing protection.  These modules can now be individually updating from ESET and will receive potentially critical data for protection much faster as the entire product no longer needs to update to include these.

  • Dynamic Threat Defence support

This module can scan and evaluate suspicious files using the ESET cloud services.  ESET tracks the routing of suspicious objects and compares them to its database in the cloud. These are then viewable in the detected threats log and can be managed by your administrator.

The latest version of ESET uses multiple layers of technologies to protect your computers from Ransomware. These technologies include Exploit Blocker, Advanced Memory Scanner and ESET LiveGrid Reputation System.


Additionally, the latest ESET products provide an enhanced Botnet Protection module that blocks communication between ransomware and Command and Control servers.

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