Be Aware Of Malware / Ransomware

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24 October 2018 12:00 AM

A few little helpful tips to limit the risk of having your PC becoming infested with malware or worse!


Never click on website links you find in emails, no matter who they are from. You never know if the displayed website address is not subtly different to the actual website or if the link will take you to the website address you see in your email, or not.

If it’s a website you visit regularly, type the address in manually or search for it from your favourite search engine. Don’t rely on the link or address in the email!


Don’t open email attachments which you’re not expecting or seem slightly out of the ordinary, even if they are apparently sent from somebody you know.

Email addresses can be spoofed (faked) so if you’re not sure about an attachment, it’s much safer to pick up the phone and ring your contact at the company before opening anything or disclosing any information!


Sharing information about yourself publicly on social media can make it easy for people to make more convincing spam emails which are targeted directly at you.

Ensure your social media privacy settings are set to not show any information unless you have agreed to share that information with somebody directly (by adding them as a friend for example). This helps to ensure information about yourself, relationships, activities and your place of work are only visible to people you know and trust to not use this information against you.

How many people have their mum linked via their Facebook profile? Now I wonder if your mum also has her mum as a friend linked within her Facebook? In some cases somebody may now be able to deduce your mother’s maiden name; where have I heard that question before?


If the worst has happened and something is now stopping your PC being useable or all of your documents, pictures etc. on your PC , USB stick or external hard drive which were connected at the time are now encrypted you may wonder what to do next! Don’t worry at least you’ve got last night’s / weeks backup, don’t you?

If not, why not? Our personal and business data is priceless to us, in some case you will have a legal obligation to ensure data is backed up.

If you’re not sure what type of local / cloud backup would be suitable for your business, we are more than happy to assess your needs and suggest suitable backup solutions which will ensure you can recover your business data even if the worst happens.