Backups Q&A

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26 October 2018 12:00 AM

Having so many different backup solutions available, it can be difficult to know what the right strategy is for your business


Q - I’ve just been hit with ransomware and now my computer, the network drives I have access to on the server and our one external backup hard drive is now encrypted too. I now either loose all of my data and start again or pay the ransom, but I had a backup?

A - Having a backup and managing it correctly are two different things. If you are using a locally attached backup, we would always recommend using a solution which allows the use of at least two backup drives. That way both drives are never plugged in at the same time, therefore ensuring one cannot be encrypted.


Q - I’ve just started using cloud backups as my data will be available to me even if something happens to the location where my physical backups and data are stored. I’ve just started my first online backup and it’s taken 2 days to do just 5%, why is that?

A - When assessing if cloud backups are suitable for your business / location it’s really important to take into consideration not only if you have broadband / can have fibre but also the package you decide to choose. Some cheaper fibre packages have a limited upload speed, this is the speed which concerns us when assessing if a locations internet connection will be able to handle online backups effectively.


Q - If the worst has happened and something is now stopping your PC being useable or all of your documents, pictures etc. on your PC , USB stick or external hard drive which were connected at the time are now encrypted you may wonder what to do next! Don’t worry at least you’ve got last night’s / weeks backup, don’t you?

A - If not, why not? Our personal and business data is priceless to us, in some case you will have a legal obligation to ensure data is backed up.


So with all the different types of backup storage, what is the most comprehensive backup plan I can implement to ensure I always have a useable backup, no matter what happens?

There is no way to guarantee any backup methodology will always have you covered; however, the use of the “3-2-1” backup strategy is recognised as industry best practice. When this strategy is properly implemented, when the worst happens you are unlikely to be without a useable backup!

The “3-2-1” backup strategy comprises of the following:

  1. Keep at least three copies of your data. That includes the original copy on your PC or server and at least two backups.
  2. Keep the backed-up data on two different storage types. The chances of having two failures of the same storage are more likely than on two completely different types of storage. Therefore, if you have backed up data stored on an external hard drive, make sure you have a secondary storage type, such as a NAS or the cloud.
  3. Keep at least one copy of the data offsite. Even if you have two copies on two separate storage types but both are stored onsite, a local fire / flood or theft could wipe both of them out. Keep a third copy in an offsite location, like the cloud.

If you need more advice on the “1-2-3” backup strategy or would like us to recommend a full solution feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements further.

If you’re not sure what type of local or cloud backup would be suitable for your business, we are more than happy to assess your needs and suggest suitable backup solutions which will ensure you can recover your business data even if the worst happens.