Why Choose Us


Based around Lincoln, Lincolnshire, we are F5 Computing, a professional yet friendly (it is possible to be both!) IT Support company with a proven track record of successfully delivering IT solutions across a broad range of industries.

We serve businesses with anything between 1 and 1000 computers, across industries as diverse as education, health care, sports clubs, manufacturing, textile, legal and accountancy to name but a few.

Our approach is flexible and our support plans can be tailored to satisfy your unique requirements, expectations and budget.


So, with so many IT support companies out there, why should you choose F5?

Well for us, it's all about having the best people in the right place at the right time.



Our team are carefully selected with a broad range of skills, meaning someone within the team is sure to have a headstart on even the most obscure of problem.

We will never over-stretch our engineers, we recruit as we expand. Although we outsource value added services such as electrical installations, we never sub-contract our key services. We live and die by the service we offer and we are not prepared to compromise on that service by using personnel that are not employed and trained by F5.


Our people are also chosen for their location where possible, so that we have someone within easy reach of our customers in the event that a physical visit is required.



In the first instance we will always attempt to resolve issues remotely. This means that the vast majority of problems are solved immediately after we receive the call or email.


We do all of this in the most efficient way possible, keeping the cost to you low.

We're going from strength to strength, with our client base having almost doubled during the past two years. We are constantly investing in new technologies and resources to ensure the IT services we offer become more efficient and responsive.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how we can help you secure the future of your business by providing the service that your IT setup demands.

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